Happy New Year!

Oh man, I don’t know what happened. I just wrote a bunch of stuff and now it’s gone.  Ok, starting again.  :/.

I saw a Tiny Buddha article on happiness, and think of this quote. “We have a word for animals that never feel distress, anxiety, fear, and pain.  That word is dinner.” -Daniel Gilbert.  It really is a good article.  I thought so, anyway.  I have been a happiness chaser for 16 years and a self help junkie for longer.  I think it’s important to realize that while self awareness is the first step to self help, and self help and feeling good is very important, we as human animals are not meant to feel happy all the time.  That really eases my mind and takes the pressure off.  You can find the article here.

I don’t have resolutions specifically for 2017, but I am working on goals all the time.  My current one is showing up for that which I say I’m going to do.  I have depression and anxiety.  The way it manifests, makes it hard for me to get motivated.  But I’m pretty driven. And even if I stumble, which I have!  I keep trying.

I have a ton of greenery in my room right now.  A green thumbed friend of mine was so kind and gave me some plants. A lot, actually!  I have been wanting more house plants for a while now.  I got my wish!  I have jade, more succulents, some spider plants, and much more.  I also now have some tiny flies in my room dive bombing my head and computer screen.:/.

Happy New Year everyone!



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